Belgian data center operator LCL is investing €120 million ($127.6m) in expanding its facilities in Brussels.

Announced this week, the company said it will invest €100 million ($106m) in two expansion projects in Aalst and Diegem – both in the north of the Belgian capital – and €20 million ($21.2m) in sustainability efforts.

LCL Aalst Belgium

Work on the Aalst expansion has already begun; the company will add 2,367 sqm (25,480 sq ft) across multiple data rooms, which will be completed by Mach 2025.

Work on expanding the data center in Diegem will start in December 2023 and continue until October 2025. The company said four floors will be added to the building, adding an additional 24MW and 4,000 sqm (43,055 sq ft).

LCL will also install solar panels on the façade of LCL Brussels-North facility in Diegem. The company also aims to invest in more efficient cooling systems to reduce facility PUEs.

“To maintain our leading position in the Belgian data center sector, we need to continue to expand our existing data centers and equip them with sustainable innovations. This is essential if we are to host and serve as many customers as possible. The investments we will make represent a step forward for our company and for existing and future customers,” said Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL Data Centers.

LCL began in 2002 when CEO van Reijen acquired a former Ebone data center in Diegem, and operated it under the name LCL Telehousing. Today the company operates in five locations including Brussels, Antwerp, and Gembloux.