Changes made today in the management team at Luxembourg-based data center and dark fiber operator LuxConnect indicate the Grand Duchy’s renewed intention to ramp-up its campaign to put Luxembourg on the map for high speed connectivity and Uptime-quality data center builds.

LuxConnect announced that Roger Lampach, present CTO, would also take on the role of CEO.

roger lampach
Roger Lampach, CEO, LuxConnect

I built them now I will manage them

Lampach is an expert on LuxConnect’s data centers since he managed their design and construction: “I will put my in-depth understanding of the complex requirements of our customers at their service,” he said.

Joining LuxConnect as the company’s new chief business development officer is Tom Kettels. Kettels, who has served as senior ICT advisor for the Luxembourg Government for the past 12 years, has helped with LuxConnect in the past.

Kettels is in charge of driving LuxConnect’s marketing and sales activities.

His goal is to raise the company’s profile in Europe and North America by bringing awareness to LuxConnect’s offering of Uptime certified Tier lV facilities running on low-cost ‘green’ power.

In London Jonathan Evans has joined in a consultancy role as director global alliances.

The statement said: “This will allow the company to maintain the dramatic expansion of its operations. This expansion includes the opening of a new 5,500 m² (59,200 square feet) multi-tier (Tier II and Tier lV) data centre in Bettembourg.”

tom kettels
Tom Kettels, chief business development officer, LuxConnect

A private company owned by the government

LuxConnect is a private company owned by the Luxembourg State.

LuxConnect operates four Tier lV data centres in Luxembourg, three of which are Uptime certified and two of which have an additional Tier II Uptime certification for some rooms.

It operates a network which encompasses over 1.000 km of fiber giving operators a choice of more than 10 country outbreaks with which to connect to and from Luxembourg.

It also operates as a wholesaler with services offered through various partners.