As part of live demonstration at the Australian cyber security conference, AustCERT, which will be taking place in Queensland on May 25th and 26th, local data center provider Micron21 has called upon the security community to attempt to launch DDoS attacks on its systems to demonstrate how its routers, mitigation software and firewall can identify and deflect threats in real time.

Jack of all trades

Jason Braunegg, Managing Director of Micron21
James Braunegg, Managing Director of Micron21 – Micron21

The former printing company turned Tier IV data center provider offers cloud, colocation, web hosting (including Raspberry Pi hosting), as well as networking, IT support and security and recovery services.

The company remains the owner of the only data center to have obtained a Fault Tolerant Tier IV certification from the Uptime institute: specifically, a Design Documents (TCDD) certification, meaning its design package has undergone an in-depth review, but that the installed infrastructure is yet to be checked.

The company claims to have four layers of security to deflect cyber attacks: Brocade Edge routers, which spot irregularities and maintain legitimate traffic, the NSFocus DDoS Mitigation system that compares data flow to known attack patterns and communicates with the company’s A10 load balancers, and firewalls from Juniper Networks to monitor and control traffic.

Managing director James Braunegg stated that “while DDoS attack methods are constantly evolving, the business risks involved remain the same. To stay ahead of these increasingly complex challenges, companies must invest in DDoS protection. Micron21 continually improves the way we guard against such attacks. We stop them from hindering network performance by acting quickly and diligently to rectify any security issues, regardless of the size or scope of the challenge involved.”

“We are so confident in our abilities in providing DDoS protection for online services that we are inviting all-comers at AusCERT to test our DDoS mitigation capabilities, in real time.”

DCD will be looking forward to hearing of your attempts to prove them wrong and bring their servers down.