Microsoft has begun work on a new data center campus in Prince William County, Virginia.

Microsoft Balls Road Manassas PWC Virginia.png
– US Army Corps of Engineers

“In January 2024, Microsoft’s general contractor, Lemartec, began site preparation work on Jacksonville Road in Manassas,” Microsoft said on a community blog update. “We anticipate this phase to be completed mid-2024.”

Details on the specifications of the new site weren’t shared, but this may be the Balls Ford Road site Microsoft previously filed for.

2022 saw the company file with the US Army Corps of Engineers for a two-building campus on Balls Ford Road and east of Jacksonville Avenue in Manassas. The site would include two three-story buildings – MNZ01 and MNZ02 – on a 40-acre site.

The company spent $29 million acquiring 46 acres at 11314 Balls Ford Road in 2020.