Microsoft has bought 151 acres of land in El Mirage, Arizona to build more data centers in the state.

Just two weeks ago, the tech giant announced that it was planning two data centers in Arizona.

Downtown Phoenix
Phoenix – Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft Mirage

This new site will cost Microsoft $20m, the previous pair of sites were bought for $85m. In total, Microsoft has invested $105m in Arizona in just over three weeks.

Speaking to The Arizona Republic, a Microsoft spokesperson said: "As part of our plans to support the growing demand for cloud and internet services in Arizona and across the Western United States, Microsoft has purchased land in El Mirage where, similar to the locations in Goodyear, we intend to develop world-class data center facilities."

Together, the three sites will be Microsoft’s fifth cloud availability region in the West Coast of America, joining existing regions in West Central US, Utah, West US 2 in Washington State, West US in the San Francisco Bay Area, and US Gov in Arizona.

The first two sites Microsoft acquired will be called PHX-10 and PHX-11, and one could predict that this site will be called PHX-12.

PHX-10 and PHX-11 could use around one million gallons of water per day, but Microsoft say that they will not need to use any water during colder months of the year.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "Our design uses outside air for cooling when temperatures are below 85°F instead of water. When temperatures are above 85°F, an evaporative cooling system is used which is similar to 'swamp coolers' in residential homes."