Microsoft plans to build yet another data center in the San Antonio area of Texas.

In a filing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the company has filed to develop SAT16 at its campus at 3555 Westover Link in San Antonio.

Westover Link San Antonio Texas Microsoft SAT15.png
3555 Westover Link, where Microsoft plans to develop – Google Maps

The project is described as a building shell and fit out associated with 245,000 square foot (22,760 sqm) data center including administrative components and data center. The project also includes the finish-out of administrative areas as well as five colo facilities.

The company said that it would spend $215 million on the project.

The company filed to develop its SAT15 facility at the 3555 Westover site back in August 2022. Work was set to finish on the 245,000 sq ft in Q1 2024.

The new site is less than two miles away from a new campus Microsoft is developing at 3545 Wiseman Blvd. The company is planning up to five buildings on the site – known as SAT14 totaling around 350,000 sq ft (32,500 sqm) at a cost of more than $200 million.

Microsoft has a large campus at 15000 Lambda Drive, where the company recently completed another 79,385 sq ft (7,375 sqm) data center, known as SAT46, and filed to build another there. It owns 158 acres of land at the campus in the Texas Research Park, where it plans to spend $1 billion building one million square feet of data center space.

The company is planning to build two buildings. known as SAT80 and SAT81, at 18844 FM 1957. The company also owns a Chevron Corp data center at 5200 Rogers Road which it bought in October 2017.

Microsoft opened its first South Central US Azure region in Texas in 2008, which offers three availability zones. It also opened a US Gov Texas Azure region in 2017.

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