Munters has acquired EDPAC, an Irish manufacturer of data center cooling equipment and air handling systems for €29 million ($32.8m).

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Carrigaline, EDPAC has two manufacturing facilities in Ireland and around 150 full-time employees.


The company said the acquisition is part of Munters strategy to ‘grow in the prioritized data center segment’ and strengthens its presence in Europe.

“The European data center market is a prioritized segment for Munters and the acquisition is a significant step in our growth strategy,” said Klas Forsström, President and CEO of Munters. “Our competencies and experiences from the North American market will provide EDPAC with opportunities for further profitable growth. We foresee synergies by expanding our data center offering to Europe and by coordinating technology development and establishing unified processes.

“We are excited to welcome EDPAC to Munters. EDPAC brings an attractive, differentiated customer base and high-quality products.”

EDPAC manufactures precision cooling equipment and various air handling systems and is also a manufacturing partner for Munters' Oasis cooling systems. Sales of Munters products represent approximately seven percent of EDPAC’s total revenues.

Munters previously closed its EMEA data center operations and manufacturing facility in Europe in 2019.

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