Munters, the Swedish air handling company, has launched an iPhone app to manage heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment. 

ProApp–DataCom gives HVAC engineers a quick calculation tool for design and analysis, and follows the company’s success 2012 release of PsychroApp, an application for psychrometric (or hygrometric) calculation. Both are available in the iTunes app store. And for those wondering, “psychrometry” is nothing to do with the psychological discipline of “psychometry”; it is the study or gas-vapor mixtures derives from the Greek ”psuchron” (ψυχρόν) meaning “cold”, and is aloso known as hygrometry. 

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Pro App Data Com screenshot

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The ProApp-DataCom application allows users to determine the correct airflow rates for sizing of data center cooling air-handling systems, corrected for altitude and temperature, and also to establish air-handling unit efficiency metrics from field measured values of airflow, temperature difference, and input power.

The application has a mode for design and another mode for analysis. The user can select either IP or SI units of measure. Users can send any results to their email, and optionally to Munters for review and further analysis.

A specific ‘design mode allows the user to determine the cooling airflow rates given a total room heat load to be rejected, target supply and return temperatures, room dew point, and the altitude for the site location. The application will also suggest Munters’ air-handling unit sizes and quantities based on the results. Munters offers energy efficient direct or indirect air-side economizer cooling systems with optional DX or chilled water trim cooling as required.

 A separate ‘analyze mode’ allows the user to estimate the heat rejection capacity of an existing cooling system in operation, and also calculate the efficiency of the cooling unit when the machine input power is available.

Munters has manufactured Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers (IEC) featuring patented polymer tube heat exchanger technology since 1997.

Munters is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.