UK bank Nationwide is looking to expand its data center and headquarters in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The building society applied to Swindon Borough Council on November 9, hoping to build a new 'plant area' and expand its existing server farm at the Swindon Technology Centre at Hillmead Drive in Shaw.

swindon dc
– Swindon Borough Council Planning and Regeneration

The proposed changes will see the 600 sqm (6,460 sq ft) technology center converting delivery bays into plant areas housed within shipping containers on the ground level, and new plant space developed on the roof via an extension of the structural gantry and space behind the building.

The Swindon Technology Centre was first constructed in 1988 as a data center, and has since had periodic work done on the development over the decades.

The most recent updates that were approved by the Swindon Borough Council were in 2013 for the erection of an external plant compound housing generators, air chillers, and electrical switchgear.

DCD has contacted Nationwide for further information.

In early 2022, Nationwide experienced an IT outage that caused its customers to stop receiving their salary or being able to pay their bills. This shortly followed a similar outage in December 2021.