Comms vendor Belden says its new new security device could curb data center energy waste and security breaches. After years of outdated cabinet design, the company has the answer: a new hinge.

As Belden unveiled its new patented Secure Hinge for improved security, its product line manager for data centers, Mike Peterson, claimed that cabinet security has long needed an overhaul. Data center staff need to open and close cabinets easily - but measures to keep the kit secure and properly ventilated have got in their way.  

belden rack enclosure
– Belden

Security, or ease of use?

“Security usually comes at the expense of ease of use,” said Peterson. This often leads to compromises, as users don’t use equipment properly, which means air flows are disrupted, leading to an expensive pollution of hot and cold air aisles, forcing air conditioners to work harder. In addition, doors are not closed as often as they should, because the process is too fiddly, leaving the equipment open to theft.

Belden claims it has solved both those problems with its new patented hinge, which provides cabinet security without hindering data center operations.

The keys to this new ease of use are provided by flexible door hinges that make the gateways to equipment less cumbersome. Enclosure doors with the new hinges can open a full 180 degrees while in row with other cabinets; end-of-row cabinet doors with the Patented Secure Hinge installed can open a full 270 degrees. By giving data center managers unobstructed workspaces, without having to remove doors, accidents and intrusions are avoided. The incidence of pollution, between hot air and cold air aisles, is also eliminated, said Peterson.

The Patented Secure Hinge can swing both ways, from left to right or right to left. Since the hinges are universally flush-mounted on the outside of a cabinet, they are easy to relocate without disturbing the already-installed IT equipment.