Green Mountain has officially handed over the first data center building at the OSL2-Hamar campus in Norway to TikTok.

The social media company will now start delivering, installing, and testing servers and equipment in the data halls. The 30MW facility is expected to go live in Q2 2024.

– Green Mountain

Two more 30MW data centers at the campus are due to be handed over in the next few months. Green Mountain claims that the facility will be Europe's largest data center run on renewable energy.

The site will have a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2.

“We are excited to hand over the key to the building to TikTok today. This is an important milestone for us as a company," Green Mountain CEO Svein Atle Hagaseth said.

"We have had excellent cooperation with our client TikTok and with our General Contractor CTS Nordics to reach this critical phase of the project."

Green Mountain said it was working with industry and researchers to explore the possibility of reusing waste heat from the facility. "We are confident that we can maximize the benefits of the excess heat for the local community in the very near future," Green Mountain chief sustainability officer Torkild Follaug said.

The company heats a lobster farm at its DC1 facility, and a trout farm at DC2.

TikTok's data center is part of 'Project Clover,' an effort by the Chinese-owned company to quell national security concerns by storing European user data within Europe. It also plans two data centers in Ireland.

TikTok separately has the Oracle-cloud-based 'Project Texas' initiative in the works to store US data locally, as it faces increasing scrutiny from American lawmakers.

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