Green Mountain is to develop a new building at its data center campus outside Oslo, Norway.

The company this week said it was granted approval to build a three-story, 9,600 sqm (103,335 sq ft) building at its Enebakk campus.

green mountain enebakk oslo norway
One of the existing buildings at the Oslo campus – Green Mountain

Construction on the 10MW facility is due to begin soon with a September 2024 completion date.

“We are currently experiencing great demand for our services and I am pleased to see that more and more international customers are looking to Norway and the Nordics for their data center needs,” said Green Mountain CEO Svein Atle Hagaseth.

An international technology firm has reserved close to 5MW of the capacity in the new data center. Green Mountain didn't name the customer but said it is a new client for the company.

Hagaseth said the customer 'provides services that most Norwegians are familiar with and depend on for both work and leisure'.

At full build-out, the OSL1-Enebakk campus (previously known as DC3-Oslo) could reach 93MW across 75,000 sqm (807,300 sq ft). There are two other single-tenant 4MW buildings on the site; the first launched in 2020 and the second in 2021.

Green Mountain began work on a third 10MW single-tenant facility in April 2023. The new two-story, 5,800 sqm (62,430 sq ft) building is an extension of the two existing buildings dedicated to an ‘international cloud provider.

In December 2022, the Nordic data center company completed a new 13.5MW multi-tenant building at the campus. The 10,000 sqm (107,700 sq ft) three-story colocation facility was first announced in late 2021.

Green Mountain was founded in 2009. Israeli real estate firm Azrieli Group acquired the company from Norwegian real estate firm Smedvig for $850 million in 2021.

The company currently operates three sites across Norway in Oslo, Rjukan, and Rennesøy. Further campuses are planned in Gismarvik, Kalberg, Undheim, and Hønefoss where the company has signed a 90MW hosting deal with TikTok.

While the company primarily operates in Norway, it last year acquired a data center outside London in Romford and recently announced plans for a new campus outside Frankfurt in Germany.