Until very recently, the common perception was that colocation data centers and cloud services made obsolete the idea of an enterprise-class organization owning and operating on-premises data centers. That this may no longer be either the business-performance or economic-justification case will be put under the microscope at the East Coast’s largest and longest running data center technology conference and exhibition.

“Today, a host of new digital infrastructure technologies throughout the data center stack, IT and M&E – and the SDDC systems that automate them – have now so far advanced, that CIOs and CTOs are now able to re-examine the many options and the demonstrable performance outcomes of ‘rolling your own,’” says Bruce Taylor, conference chair. “In this conference, we reveal why now may be the time to re-think the exodus from on-prem, particularly in light of hybrid IT , hybrid cloud and new edge architectures.”

Reports of the death of Enterprise data centers are greatly exaggerated
Reports of the death of Enterprise data centers are greatly exaggerated – DCD>Enterprise

Intel’s Waxman on hybrid

Hybrid cloud architecture is a key in re-thinking on-prem facilities. Intel’s VP and general manager of its cloud platforms business will discuss tech advances that make enterprise-class hybrid architectures a reality. AI and machine learning, FPGA and other technology advances are finding a home in the autonomous management of hybrid cloud.

“By 2025, 70-80% of data centers will be hyperscale. There is a massive shift towards hybrid infrastructures optimized for cost, performance, and efficiency. This is fundamentally changing the way we look at compute, network, software, and storage, and how we architect for the future”, notes Waxman.