Data center company Wyoming Hyperscale is buying 100MW of energy from small modular reactor nuclear power startup Oklo.

The companies have signed a non-binding letter of intent outlining plans for the PPA, which will last for 10 years.

oklo small modular nuclear reactor.png
An Oklo Aurora reactor – Oklo | Gensler

Oklo, which is backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, builds small, fast-fission, nuclear reactors. Its first product range, Aurora, is capable of generating 15MW of power.

The company is in the midst of a reverse merger with SPAC AltC Acquisition, which is expected to take the company public in July.

DCD reported in March that it is building a team to win business in the data center market, and last month it was revealed Oklo will supply up to 500MW of power to Equinix.

“As the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence increases, Oklo remains dedicated to providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions to meet the needs of our data center partners,” said Jacob DeWitte, co-founder and CEO of Oklo.

“Our partnership with Wyoming Hyperscale underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable energy practices and supporting high-efficiency operations within the data center industry.”

Wyoming Hyperscale is building a data center campus on 58 acres of land on Aspen Mountain, a remote site southeast of Evanston in Wyoming.

The company claims the facility will be "the most advanced sustainable data center in the United States" once up and running, and has already pledged to use liquid cooling, with waste heat put to use on a nearby farm.

Trenton Thornock, founder of Wyoming Hyperscale, said: "Our goal is to create data centers with minimal environmental impact. This collaboration with Oklo perfectly aligns with our vision for sustainable, efficient operations. By merging sustainability with advanced technology, we are setting a new standard for the future of accelerated computing.”