New Zealand mobile operator One NZ has retuned its 5G network.

In doing so, the operator claims that its 5G service is now 30 percent faster.

New Zealand 5G
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The company, known until recently as Vodafone NZ, retuned its entire 5G network after acquiring 3.5GHz of C-Band spectrum from the New Zealand government.

One NZ stated that the upgrade involved a frequency switch and bandwidth expansion from 60MHz to 80MHz.

The upgrade provides additional capacity on the network, which means increased availability for Fixed Wireless Access at faster download and upload speeds.

One NZ stated the upgrade to its 5G network has driven download speeds of up to 1.4Gbps.

“We’re excited about the continued technological innovation 5G is driving to help make Aotearoa more awesome. From private 5G networks to 5G supported Edge computing," said One NZ head of mobile networks Thaigan Govender.

“One NZ continues to expand its 5G network at pace, with over 500 sites live, and a few hundred more being built or upgraded in the coming 12 months.”