Oracle and Palantir are teaming up on secure cloud and AI solutions aimed at governments and businesses globally.

The companies will be combining Oracle's distributed cloud and AI infrastructure with Palantir's AI and decision acceleration platforms.

– Oracle

In addition, Palantir will be moving its Foundry workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and will make its Gotham and AI Platforms deployable across the cloud provider. This will include public cloud regions, OCI Dedicated Regions, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Government Cloud, Oracle Roving Edge, and its air-gapped regions dedicated to defense and intelligence customers.

The combination will enable organizations to use cloud infrastructure and AI while meeting sovereignty and security standards. Both companies will sell and support the services.

“Oracle is the only hyperscaler capable of delivering its entire AI and cloud suite to any business or government anywhere in the world,” said Rand Waldron, vice president, Oracle. “By combining the performance, scalability, and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Palantir’s leading data and AI platforms, we will help our customers win in any industry or environment.”

“Palantir and Oracle are both dedicated to defending western interests and institutions around the world," said Josh Harris, executive vice-president, Palantir. “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s unique ability to help customers meet their regulatory, performance, and security needs will increase our impact and help our global clients gain the full benefits of cloud and AI.”

Oracle's experience in working with defense and intelligence organizations will enable Palantir to bring its large language model (LLM) capabilities to the sector.

Palantir was launched in 2003 by Peter Thiel, and builds software to help organizations create and run artificial intelligence across private and public networks. An early investor of the company was the CIA through its venture capital branch, In-Q-Tel.

Documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden suggest that Palantir played a role in creating the US government's international spy program, PRISM. Palantir denies any connection.

Thiel was quoted in the book The Contrarian by Max Chafkin as saying about the company's role in surveillance: "I'd rather be seen as evil than incompetent."

Earlier this year, Palantir agreed to a 'strategic partnership' with the Israel Defense Ministry to supply technology to support the war in Gaza. So far, the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has exceeded 33,000. In the UK, NHS and healthcare workers blockaded the entrance of NHS England's headquarters on April 3, demanding that the service end ties with Palantir, calling it a 'genocide enabler.'

Towards the end of last year, Oracle announced that it would be expanding 66 of its existing cloud data centers, and building 100 new ones. The company usually relies on leasing space from third-party providers.