De Montalt Life Sciences plans to develop a significant industrial estate and data center in the outskirts of an Oxfordshire town in the UK.

The company is planning to build a campus of seven 25m high buildings, a data center, and two multi-story car parks.

Screenshot 2023-07-10 095840.png
– De Montalt Life Sciences

The proposed development will be at the former Wicklesham Quarry in Faringdon and will span 42,286 sqm (455,163 sq ft). The size and capacity of the data center planned have not been shared.

The development, submitted on behalf of De Montalt by Mango Planning & Development, is still in the consultation phase according to the White Horse Vale District Council, meaning it is not yet under consideration by the council. The consultation period will end on July 27, with a decision set to be given by September 21.

Local residents are already objecting to the development. Anna Hoare is campaigning against the site and has gathered almost 2,000 signatures for her petition.

Hoare said of the development: “This industrial monster would loom over views towards Faringdon from the footpaths, public bridleway, and houses alongside Wicklesham Quarry, virtually obliterating them, and would dominate views from Folly Hill and Galley Hill, our most important viewing points and amenity areas.”

“At 25 meters high, and covering almost 29 acres, the seven four-story structures are many times bigger (in mass) and taller than any existing buildings in Faringdon, and would completely destroy the town’s landscape setting and rural character, creating a massive industrial overspill into open countryside.”

De Montalt Life Sciences claims the development was a necessity, saying that there is an “urgent need to provide high-quality accommodation in a location well placed to support the established hubs at Oxford Science Park, ARC, Milton Park, Harwell, etc,” and that the site will provide the equipment and laboratory facilities required to further life science research.

Last year, another major technology park and data center were proposed for Oxfordshire County. The Didcot Technology Park would span 23 hectares and finally made it out of the consultation period on June 15 this year. The application is now under consideration.

An AWS campus is seemingly currently under development at the Didcot A Power station. After receiving approval for its planning permission in September 2021, AWS has not shared whether the project has since been completed.