Russian telco Rostelecom is planning to a new data center in Armenia.

The Tass news agency reports Rostelecom’s Armenian subsidiary GNC-Alfa plans to launch a 200-rack facility in Armenia in early 2024. Neither location nor power capacity were shared.

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"We continue to actively develop in Armenia, where we have a subsidiary and a data center is currently being built. This will be the first large data center created according to the most stringent requirements in the country, there is a lot of interest from government agencies. At the beginning of next year, 200 racks with the possibility of a rapid increase in capacity should already be launched," said Mikhail Oseevsky, president of Rostelecom.

News that Rostelecom was considering a facility in Armenia surfaced last year. The news was an about-face for Rostelecom, which was reportedly looking to sell its Armenian unit in 2021. The company confirmed in March 2023 it had dropped the sale plans.

“There is no issue of selling it anymore, we have decided to develop it actively," said Oseevsky said at the time.

CJSC GNC-Alfa, a subsidiary company of Rostelecom in Armenia, provides Internet access, fixed telephony, IP TV, and other services in the country. The company's 2,500km fiber optic network covers 80 percent of the country's territory.

Founded in 2007, Rostelecom acquired a majority stake in the company in 2012.