French cloud service provider Scaleway has expanded its cloud services from three cities to 52 countries globally.

Iliad Group’s cloud subsidiary is now offering its Dedibox Virtual Private Server (VPS) in 65 cities. The company said its Dedibox VPS cloud offering gives companies the flexibility to deploy virtual infrastructure wherever their users are.

Scaleway's offering is now available worldwide – Scaleway

Damien Lucas, CEO of Scaleway, said: “Rolling out our Dedibox VPS offering on a global scale is a real milestone for Scaleway, as it means we can now partner with our European customers in their international expansion.”

The company announced in September that it had acquired a Nvidia DGX SuperPod and has now purchased more than 1,000 additional Nvidia H100 GPUs. Scaleway is also using Nvidia’s network technology Spectrum-X for its GPUs.

The GPUs will be installed at Iliad’s DC5 data center in Greater Paris.

Scaleway has also launched an offering named GPU Cluster On Demand. This solution will allow customers to reserve the number of clusters they want, from a few to several thousand, said the company. The company has also signed a deal to provide Nvidia H100 GPUs to the H company, a startup founded in Paris.

Headed up by CEO Charles Kantor, H is formed of a team of former Google DeepMind leaders. The Paris-based company aims to develop foundational action models and multi-agent models.

Scaleway’s Lucas added: “Having already enabled European leaders like Mistral and Kyutai to train their state-of-the-art models on the continent’s most powerful cloud AI cluster, we’re excited to empower the foundational work of H, the sector’s next startup to watch.”

Scaleway said its cloud services are used by European organizations to train, test, develop, and host in a resilient environment. The company’s cloud portfolio is said to be used by over 25,000 businesses.

The company previously owned and operated several data centers in Paris, as well as offering services from facilities from Poland (Warsaw) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). The data centers were spun out into a dedicated unit known as OpCore last year along with several data centers from other Illiad-owned units.

Earlier this year, Scaleway launched its first RISC-V server on the cloud. In 2023, Scaleway retrofitted around 14,000 of its servers, removing the physical RAID controllers and replacing them with software-based RAID, in order to extend their lifespan by up to 10 years.