Schneider has announced Galaxy VS, a compact uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with 10-100kW of load designed for edge computing and small data centers.

Galaxy VS offers a modular design and up to 97 percent efficiency in normal operating mode. It can also be monitored remotely, using the company’s smartphone app.

schneider ups
Schneider's UPS – Schneider Electric

A choice of batteries

The three-phase UPS takes up about the same amount of space as a single rack of IT equipment and can also be shipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Schneider says its Li-ion batteries will cost less over the life of the battery, as well as taking up less physical space and supporting higher temperature ranges than typical valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries (VRLAs).

From a sustainability perspective Li-ion batteries do not contain hazardous chemical materials and are increasingly easier to recycle, as waste-management operators become more familiar with the specific procedures needed to handle them.

"With its compact, modular design, the Galaxy VS can deploy faster and in a smaller space than traditional UPSs, saving users time and money," said Christopher Thompson, Schneider's VP for secure power.

Despite being promoted as the next logical phase of UPS, lithium-ion batteries still appear few and far between in data center infrastructure. Ten years ago, they were ten times more expensive than VRLA. Prices are falling rapidly, but Li-ion still costs significantly more, and risk-averse data center managers still prefer proven technologies.