Security services firm Securitas Technologies is planning to train up and certify 10,000 workers as data center security and safety professionals.

The decision follows the establishment in 2023 of the company's global clients data center group, a Securitas initiative to support its clients with solutions and technology combined with international security expertise.

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Securitas has now introduced certification to improve the skills of its security officers at its data centers.

The company cites increased risks, including human error, system failures, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks, as the industry continues to grow.

Securitas will focus on training for physical access control, emergency response procedures, ethics, and professional conduct.

Following this initial rollout, Securitas will add additional modules to the certification in the long term and further train its officers. The certification officially commenced on February 12.

"The Certified Data Center Security Professional training is an example of Securitas' dedication to providing security solutions tailored to meet the challenges in the markets where we operate,” said Bert den Hartog, VP of global clients data centers at Securitas. "With over 15,000 hours of total training, upon completion, more than 10,000 participants will attain the certification, showcasing their best-in-class proficiency in safeguarding these high-security facilities."

"We understand the pivotal role data centers play in today's digital landscape," added Milton Plet, SVP, head of Securitas’ data center group. “That is why Securitas is investing in our professionals, ensuring they have the necessary expertise and skills to provide best-in-class protection for our clients. In the same way as security officers tasked with protecting fire-prone facilities must possess expertise in fire safety, our data center specialists need extensive knowledge in all peculiarities of data centers.”

Securitas provides protective services to a wide range of industries, including data centers. The company counts Microsoft among its data center clients. In June 2023, the company boasted 570 data centers in 36 countries under its protection.