SoftBank Corp. has completed the nationwide deployment in core areas of an all-optical network in Japan.

The Japanese company said the network uses a disaggregated architecture optical transmission system that supports open networks, including Fujitsu's next-generation optical transmission platform '1 Finity Ultra Optical System T900.'

The deployment was completed on October 26.

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SoftBank and Fujitsu said the network is designed with a lower environmental impact, as the next-generation transmission system can reduce power consumption by up to 90 percent compared to previous networks.

All-optical technology converges optical and IP networks, reducing the energy used in signal conversion and switching.

The network also uses a closed-loop liquid cooling technology for switches. Fujitsu claims this is a first in optical transmission systems, and says it can reduce power consumption by 50 percent, operating at twice the efficiency of conventional air cooling technology.

No external liquid cooling equipment is required, and the system is maintenance-free, with an expected lifetime of 20 years.

It fits 12 modern coherent devices in a 2RU (rack unit) size enclosure, so the system as a whole can accommodate 36 400GbE ports.

The network uses a pair of fibers, giving high capacity and high-speed transmission of up to 48.8Tbps, which is approximately twice that of conventional networks.