T5 Data Centers is expanding its facility in Chicago, Illinois.

The company this week announced it has begun the final 20MW phase of its T5@Chicago facility at 200 Innovation Drive in Elk Grove. It offers 140,000 sq ft (13,000 sqm) of data hall space.

T5 data centers Elk Grove.jpg
– T5 Data Centers

“T5 continues to build on its reputation of serving the world’s leading companies. Our customers could have chosen any data center in the increasingly competitive Chicago data center market, and we believe the fact they chose to go with us is a reflection of the industry-leading facilities, operational excellence and in-house construction services available at T5@Chicago,” said Craig McKesson, chief customer and marketing officer at T5.

The facility was commissioned by Forsythe in 2014, and acquired by T5 in 2016. It broke ground on an expansion in 2017 and went live in 2018, and bought a nearby 15.4MW data center shell in 2020.

“Our latest T5 site has all the characteristics that qualify it as being the best comprehensive data center site in the Midwest that can accommodate speed to market demand signals,” said David Horowitz, T5’s executive vice president of sales.

The company recently expanded its third-party facility management services into Europe and has begun operations and management of an unnamed global technology firm’s data center in Denmark.

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