Data center firm T5 is expanding its footprint in Chicago.

T5 data centers Elk Grove.jpg
T5's existing Elk Grove facility – T5 Data Centers

“T5 Data Centers is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a data center site in Northlake, IL. T5@Chicago lll will deliver 36MW of IT capacity in one of the most important submarkets in the US,” the company said this week on LinkedIn.

“By strategically locating our new data center in an area facing power constraints, we’re providing our clients with state-of-the-art data infrastructure while contributing to the region’s sustainable growth,” David Horowitz, T5 EVP, Leasing, said in a press release. “It’s a testament to our commitment to overcoming challenges and transforming them into opportunities, demonstrating that even in the face of constraints, we can power progress and drive digital transformation with our ForeverOn solutions.”

A T5 spokesperson said Chicago III will be build-to-suit, with the company spending more than $500 million to develop a three-story, 300,000 sq ft facility for multi-tenant or single-tenant operations.

The company currently operates one campus around Chicago, at 200 Innovation Drive in the Elk Grove area. Northlake is around 10 miles away from the company’s existing facility, on the south side of O’Hare airport.

The Elk Grove facility was commissioned by Forsythe in 2014, and acquired by T5 in 2016. T5 broke ground on an expansion in 2017 and went live in 2018, buying a nearby 15.4MW data center shell in 2020. The company began the final 20MW phase of the site in November 2022.

T5 operates data centers across the US, and has filed to develop a 3 million sq ft campus in Atlanta, Georgia.