The first pandemic of the digital age is already putting a strain on networks, and giving new levels of urgency to the task of keeping the world online.

Covid-19 is a danger we all face, but some will be impacted more than others - the old and frail, the poor, and those in frontline industries like healthcare.

Those that work in data centers and the wider Internet infrastructure community will be luckier than many, but will still face a large burden. You will have to deal with the stress of this virus, but many of you will still have to travel to work, coping with unprecedented network traffic while staff levels will be low and supplies may be hard to come by.


COVID-19: Minimizing critical facility risk

This advisory report has been produced by Uptime Institute to help operators of critical infrastructure facilities prepare for, and respond to, the impact of the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

Communication is key

We want to hear your stories. We want to know how you are dealing with this unusual and unpredictable situation. We want to help share it with the wider community so that we can overcome this together.

Over the coming days and weeks, please reach out to us at community[at] to let us know your story. If you want to be anonymous, that's okay - we will not share any information you don't want us to. If you want to say who you are, that's also okay. All we want is the truth.

Do you feel prepared? Is your company taking enough precautions? Are you feeling overworked? Does your healthcare provider cover you?

We also want positive stories: How are your teams coming together? Do you have tips and tricks to share? How has network traffic changed? Do you have reading suggestions for those at home?

Much of the stress and danger of this outbreak has been caused by the lack of information, but together we can help overcome at least a small fraction of that confusion. Help us paint an accurate picture of what's happening in the industry right now.

Contact us and let us know.