South Africa-based colocation provider Teraco Data Environments has started construction of a new data center in Bredel, a suburb of Kempton Park in South Africa.

The facility will support 24MW of IT load once complete in September 2017.

The project will bring Teraco’s total power supply to 50MW, making it a suitable choice for customers with very large server fleets. “Teraco will be comparable to global data centers and by a large margin, Africa’s biggest data center provider,” Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco said.

Making of a giant

Teraco was founded in 2008 following the deregulation of the South African telecoms market.

The company is already expanding its data center campus in Isango, near Johannesburg – set to become Africa’s largest campus once it opens in December. The site will offer a total of 20MW of power capacity and 27,500 square meters of space.

The upcoming data center in Kempton Park is located 20km north of Isango, and will add another 24MW to Teraco’s capacity.

As part of the expansion to Kempton Park, Teraco will also be extending NAPAfrica, Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point: “We want to ensure that all our clients are able to benefit from the peering exchange and all the technology within existing Teraco data centers,” Van Wyk said.

Peering with NAPAfrica is free for all Teraco customers.

Earlier this year, the company joined the International Data Centre Group (IDC-G), an alliance that aims to link carrier-neutral data center operators from around the world into a single network and enable them to easily share customers.