The UK Government's Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has signed a £5 million ($6.37m) deal to upgrade its data center equipment, reports Public Technology.

Computacenter has been awarded the three-year contract, and will be equipping the DWP's private data centers with new hardware, software, and improving automation.

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The deal has the potential to be extended for a further two years for £4.86m ($6.2m). The commercial notice describes the deal as to "provide DWP with the required network infrastructure, software, and support services to refresh the existing aging infrastructure within the department’s on-premises hosting (OPH) data centers.”

Computacenter's first port of call will be to "deliver a complete design for the new OPH." Delivery will commence in spring/summer.

“The supplier [will] carefully plan the migration from the existing network to the new network after installation. It must be prepared to minimize risk and to fit into the existing change program so as not to impact DWP business.”

Once completed, Computacenter will be tasked with removing the now-redundant equipment.

Earlier this week, the DWP awarded a £94 million ($119.4m) cloud hosting contract to AWS. That deal will also last three years. DWP has been an AWS customer since 2016.

Computacenter is a UK-based technology and service provider. In May 2021, the company won a $48.3m (£35m) contract to provide DWP with all new computers. The company has previously provided hardware and software products to the department.