Veterans Affairs plans to upgrade its data center at the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

The project will not increase the facility's footprint, but increase cooling and power redundancies and maximize space efficiencies. The upgrade is expected to cost $4.52 million.

Department of Veterans Affairs
– Department of Veterans Affairs

The procurement notice states: "Scope includes redundant power distribution, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), upgrade computer room cooling and distribution including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis, replacement of aged equipment, BMS interfaces, fire protection, grounding and bonding, cable management, fiber and copper within the data center, raised floor modifications, physical security upgrades, and hazardous material abatement."

It also notes that the project may not end up being fully in compliance with standards for a Tier III data center, which is a Veterans Administration design requirement. It will instead meet the requirements outlined in EHRM (Electronic Health Records Management) IO Site Infrastructure and End User Requirements (SIEUDR) documents.

The initial pre-solicitation notice has a deadline of December 6.