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Virtualization vendor VMware has bought CloudVolumes, a company that makes it easier to deliver native applications to virtualized set ups.

According to VMware’s SVP for desktop products in end user computing Sumit Dhawan the move is a response to the increasing popularity of virtual desktops as companies seek the security and ease of management that come with virtualization.

The addition of CloudVolumes to VMware’s end-user computing portfolio means that its Horizon 6 customers can cut the cost of managing their desktop and application infrastructure while improving the end-user experience, Dhawan said.

The achievement of CloudVolumes’ invention was to make application delivery, personalized desktops and application environments standardized so that all the complicated parameters can be catered for using a single gold image for multiple users or groups, he said.

As a result, customers will no longer have to choose between cost and a personalized experience Dhawan said.

CloudVolumes will also help VMware amalgamate real-time application delivery across three key technology areas: end-user computing, software-defined datacenter and hybrid cloud services.

“Customers want to modernize their existing Windows application delivery so it’s more like mobile IT," Dhawan said.

The combination of CloudVolumes and VMware Horizon means that they can, he said.

CloudVolumes’ CEO Raj Parekh said the combination was described as a ‘game changing solutions.’

"By bringing together CloudVoumes and VMware, we will be able to deliver desktop technology that few competitors can match," Parekh said.