CENX, the service orchestration specialist for software defined and virtualized networks, has joined the VMware Technology Alliance (TAP) program and will collaborate with VMware to deliver solutions for virtualisation and cloud computing.

The VMware TAP program has thousands of members worldwide and brings together technology partners with the shared commitment of providing expertise and business solutions to 

“Service providers are eager to deploy Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and are looking for solutions to overcome the operational problems this new process brings,” said Andrew McDonald, CENX Product Management senior vice president.

“Joining the VMware TAP program allows CENX to collaborate with industry leaders to deliver proven lifecycle service orchestration for NFV,” he says.

The Cortx service orchestrator

telco network oss stack
A telco network oss stack

The Cortx Service Orchestrator solution allows telecoms managed service professionals to monitor customers’ data connectivity services, providing real-time visibility of end-to-end circuit availability and performance, spanning multiple technologies.

The capabilities of CENX’s Cortx service orchestrator product allow telecoms providers to identify degradation of Ethernet circuits before they begin to significantly impact end users of the network. It also provides service delivery teams with the ability to measure local exchanges carriers and alternate access vendors’ performance.

Why is VMware interested in CENX?

The fact is that virtualised environments will not benefit from a replication of the traditional operations support systems (OSS) stack, with a continuation of the stovepiped architecture of previous generations. Instead, those individual functions such as inventory, fault and performance, remain as fundamental requirements but the data from them needs to be extracted horizontally as well as vertically to provide an accurate and real-time picture of the complete service delivery and creation environment.

The situation is also made more complex by the nature of the introduction of NFV and software defined networking (SDN) which mean that, in addition to all the traditional systems, SDN controllers and NFV service orchestrators are also required in the management environment of virtualised telecoms operations.

CENX’s Cortx service orchestrator continuously audits data from the network and traditional, stove-piped OSS. It feeds that into CENX’s service information model which correlates all this information to enable full lifecycle service planning and fulfilment and service management and assurance.

Howard Hall, VMware senior director said: “VMware provides an online marketplace, VMware Solution Exchange (VSX), where customers can learn more about CENX’s collaboration with VMware and our continued goal commitment to developing breakthrough technologies that can transform business.”