There’s plenty of cheap real estate for data centers – if you don’t mind the barnacles

This week on White Space, we are looking back at the news from the DCD Enterprise event in New York. There are more details on the development of Project Natick, Microsoft’s effort to put servers on the bottom of the ocean. After talking to the members of the research team, Peter is convinced that this unusual idea has potential.

Also at the show, IBM and Rittal announced a partnership to offer customers the same container-based data centers they are deploying in the Lefdal mine in Norway, which could grow into the largest data center campus in Europe.

The event concluded with a presentation by futurist Robert Scoble, who was surprised to find that the audience didn’t find most of his predictions surprising.

Outside the show, Intel announced it would cut 12,000 jobs as it shifts away from desktops, while AMD established a joint venture in China, which will make server chips for the domestic market and net the company almost $300 million.