We discuss renewable power, Russian spies and tax breaks

This week on White Space, we talk about Greenpeace and its Clicking Clean report – the annual effort by the environmental non-profit to shame more businesses into switching to renewable energy. The organization has singled out AWS and Netflix for their reliance on fossil fuels, and gave bad marks to the newly added Asian cloud vendors and data center operators.

There’s more news about data center consolidation in the US Army – Secretary Eric Fanning has a detailed plan, but it’s not clear who’s actually going to deliver on it, considering the upcoming changes in US government.

Meanwhile Lithuanian government is trying to stop a $60 million data center project because it fears Russian spying - the developers are Russian, you see.

French colocation provider Data4 has introduced a Virtual Data Center service, created in partnership with networking specialist InterCloud.

Apple has finally brought some of its manufacturing to the US - the company is building its own server cabinets in a defunct sapphire glass plant, presumably spherical in shape.

A consulting firm has published a detailed study of the impact Facebook’s data center had on the tiny (14,835 people) community in Los Lunas – state tax breaks certainly work, but how much value do they actually deliver.

And finally, we have more clarity on the data center deal between Verizon and Yahoo – a lot of other publications got this story wrong, and DatacenterDynamics was among the few that didn’t.