The editorial team talks about the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen

In this episode of White Space, we discuss the news from the OCP Summit, Google Cloud Next conference and our very own DCD Enterprise event in New York.

Google has announced three new cloud regions – that’s at least nine new data centers. Meanwhile Facebook has designed four Open Compute servers to replace its ageing hardware fleet.

Peter has heard from reliable sources that some of the largest buyers of renewable energy in the world will continue buying renewable energy – irrespective of what the current US administration says.

The famous TV ratings outfit Nielsen had suffered an outage – and that meant advertisers had no idea how many people watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead.

We also cover the proposed EU rules that could give member states powers to block foreign takeovers, Schneider Electric’s new Ecoflair and Micro DC Xpress products and the aftermath of the S3-izure, the major outage that befell AWS a few weeks ago.