Update: The issue began at around 6:45am ET, peaked at around 7:45am, and appears to be resolved as of midday. The company has yet to comment.

Original article: A widespread outage is impacting Verizon customers in North America.

US subscribers of Verizon services say that emergency 911 calls still work, but that everything else is down. Their phones show “No service” or “SOS only."

It is not clear how many users are impacted, but it appears to not be limited to a single region of the country.

Residents of Denver, Boise, Salt Lake City, Aurora, New York City, Meridian, Philadelphia, Littleton, Nampa, and elsewhere are among those reporting issues.

Verizon has not yet replied to requests for comment, and its status page currently lists no issues.

Verizon last suffered a major outage on July 26; it lasted three hours.

This story is developing, and we will update it as we learn more.