Over my time working in AVK’s service division the evolution of critical power solutions offered by AVK has been more than a professional journey – it’s been a testament to the significance of foresight in our business.

AVK has been offering bespoke service and maintenance packages since our formation over 30 years ago. We’ve never been a business to offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution, as we’ve always understood that both our clients, their power assets and applications are all different. Restricting our offering to a pre-defined number of pre-packaged offerings would never meet the needs of our customers – particularly in the data center industry.

At AVK, we’ve embedded within our service ethos a proactive stance that exceeds basic reactive maintenance; it's about pioneering a transformation in how we work with clients to safeguard their critical power assets.

I’ve always taken pride in the idea that our team doesn’t just perform maintenance and reactive repairs; we curate strategies that optimize performance and durability, and our latest asset lifecycle offering is a realization of that stance. What drives my belief in the importance of this approach is the sheer depth of understanding it offers our clients.

The significance of our proactive asset lifecycle service resonates deeply with me. It’s a paradigm shift for the industry – a departure from the normal reactive measures toward a visionary strategy that allows our clients to envision the future health of their critical power assets, and to plan and budget accordingly.

The lifecycle planner isn’t just a tool, and it’s about more than prolonging lifespans; it’s about providing clarity for long-term planning. This proactive approach isn’t an option – it’s an imperative in an industry where reliability is paramount, particularly in the data center environment where planning of maintenance is performed months and years in the future.

One of our largest UK-based financial clients relies on our Asset Lifecycle Service to proactively advise and action required works on their critical standby power equipment supporting their data centers across the UK.

By assessing, predicting and forecasting the lifecycle of critical components for the next 10 years, our client has been able to ensure both the optimal efficiency of their equipment and that their allocated budget for work is in place for the next decade.

Clients taking advantage of this service are at different stages of their optimization journey with us. One of our oldest DC clients has recently reached the final stage of the service lifecycle with us, and in addition to savings made throughout the serviceable lifetime of their equipment, they’ve actually been able to extend the reliable lifespan of their Rolls Royce/MTU engines for an additional 18 years, which equates to a saving of almost £500,000 per set.

My conviction in the specifics – be it battery, coolant, or oil replacements – stems from witnessing firsthand the consequences of neglect in critical power systems, which is why AVK is going above and beyond standard proactive steps to mitigate risks and ensure seamless operations for our clients when they need it most.

Moreover, our tailored engine overhaul approach reflects a nuanced understanding of the unique nature of standby generator sets. It is not just about maintaining; it’s about optimizing assets that may have lower running hours but demand meticulous attention due to their criticality.

In essence, what drives my passion for this proactive approach is its role in forging enduring partnerships. It is about instilling confidence and reassurance in our clients that their critical power needs are not just met but anticipated. It is about a future where reliability is not just a promise but an inherent part of the critical power landscape – a future AVK is actively shaping.