Today, the increasing demand for efficient and secure data storage is driving innovation in data center designs. One key area of discussion involves the choice between raised floor data centers and slab floors or non-raised floors. While slab-floor facilities offer a cost-effective and speedier construction, there are vital considerations to keep in mind, particularly the cooling challenges.

Cooling is a crucial aspect of data center management. Efficient airflow distribution is required to prevent overheating or failure of servers. Non-raised floor data centers pose greater risks in this regard, as air distribution is harder to control. Air traveling through the racks instead of underneath the floors can create high-velocity airflows that can harm servers. Consequently, novel cooling approaches are necessary for these facilities.

Vertiv, a leader in data center cooling solutions, offers a range of innovative products to meet these challenges. One such solution is the redesigned Vertiv™ Liebert® PCW-PWM perimeter cooling units.

Specifically designed for non-raised floor applications, these units feature a fan installed on the top of the unit, blowing air from the coil section to create better airflow distribution. They offer almost the same airflow and cool air capacity as a standard computer room air handler (CRAH) and can be installed with flexibility either in the service corridor or data center white space.

Another popular solution from Vertiv is the Vertiv™ Liebert® CWA thermal wall unit. Operating on an air-handling unit (AHU) concept, it blows air horizontally directly to the server room. Though this requires more space in the service corridor, it offers high cooling density and operates with high efficiency. By improving these variables, data center operators can optimize the power usage effectiveness (PUE) at their facilities.

Vertiv also offers custom solutions with their Custom Vertiv™ Liebert® Air Handling Units. Recognizing the diverse layouts and equipment configurations of customers' buildings, Vertiv provides tailored solutions to integrate seamlessly into specific data center white space requirements.

In conclusion, while slab floor data centers offer numerous benefits and cost efficiencies, but they also present unique cooling challenges. However, with the right solutions, these challenges can be effectively managed, maintaining optimal operating conditions and ensuring the long-term reliability of the data center. Vertiv’s range of cooling solutions exemplifies the kind of innovation required to keep pace with the evolving demands of data center management.

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