I’ve written many times about data analytics and how there are Devils hidden within your Data; however the corollary is also true, your data can reveal the truths within your data center too.

Hidden deep within the data you most likely are already collecting in some format, are the truths that reveal exactly what’s going on both technically and financially within your data center or data center enabled business.

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True costs revealed

Answers to questions such as: “What is the true cost of supporting a customer, platform, application from within this data center? or “What will the actual return on this investment if I decide to make it and can I track and validate it after I’ve made the decision?”

Even technical questions can be posed and answered using the right tools and your own data. Coming from a technical background myself I know questions such as “What is the risk and benefit of making any given technical change?” and “How confident am I that the intended change won’t lead to an unseen or unintended knock on effect?”

So how do you really put your data to good use like this?

Well firstly it’s not a trivial exercise, it can’t really be done in spreadsheets or human analysis, and it can’t really be done by having software that looks for and tracks trends or simple correlations within the data.

What’s missing in almost all the tools out there today is a trusted basis for comparison. A data model that can be calibrated to a proven degree of accuracy (thus confidence) and then fed with the data streams on a continuous basis to provide a dynamic baseline or ‘expected’ value for automated comparison against validated ‘actuals’ data.

This is done today by the combination of predictive modeling and Big Data analytics. Technology such as GE’s “Predix” which will launch in 2016 as a cloud service offering (already available today in its non-cloud form) bring the power of predictive modeling and machine based data analytics to the industrial world.

Romonet already has a cloud based and patented predictive modeling and Big Data analytics platform that helps the technology and financial ‘truths’ be uncovered from within the data, ultimately providing the whole business with a management capability that enables high confidence data-driven decisions to be made, and then tracked and validated today. Make a break for freedom!