[Earlier this month, DCD reported that The Green Grid, a long-established body campaigning for more efficent data centers, has become part of lobbying group the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Roger Tipley, chair of The Green Grid, sent us this explanation of the move]

Connected devices make our lives easier and better in innumerable ways, from ordering groceries with one voice command to giving directions without taking our eyes off the road. As this technology evolves, so do the energy and resource efficiency demands that come with staying powered.

Behind every smartphone, tablet, or computer, is a data center that enables the “internet of things” to work. Per the International Energy Agency, data centers worldwide consumed 194 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in 2014 or about 1 percent of total demand.

With power comes responsibility

The companies that help keep our trusted devices working must be at the forefront of developing solutions, including best practices for metrics and tools that aid data center operators and inform policymakers. Members of The Green Grid understand that responsibility. They use their convening power to enable energy leaders to work with each other and influence the broader community to drive accountable, effective, resource-efficient, end-to-end information communications technology (ICT) ecosystems.

Since its inception in 2007, this important, international network has provided leading technical expertise in data center sustainability.

Thanks to The Green Grid, data centers now have a power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric to measure and improve energy efficiency and many other Green Grid tools and metrics to drive the industry towards more responsible and effective use of energy, water and other resources.

Its recent collaboration with the global technology trade association ITIhas enhanced that capability by providing a bridge to policymakers globally – from Brussels to New Delhi to Singapore to Washington DC – which adds to the Green Grid’s existing international footprint. This partnership seeks to enable improved operations via reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved bottom line results, yielding sustainable solutions for data center operators and our environment.

This engagement also adds to ITI’s expertise in advocacy and technical standards development through its ANSI-accredited standards development affiliate organization, INCITS (the international committee for IT standards). As engineers on standards-setting bodies like INCITS build tech products to optimize energy efficiency, it’s helpful for them to have more access to The Green Grid’s thought leadership to ensure their designs are truly eco-focused.

The Green Grid’s work continues to improve IT and data center energy efficiency and eco-design around the world. Together, The Green Grid and ITI will pursue the next set of data center sustainability challenges globally.