Gender inequality in the tech industry in the UK remains an issue. Despite efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the sector, women are still underrepresented in leadership positions and technical roles. According to a recent McKinsey study, women make up only 22 percent of the tech workforce in the UK with even fewer in leadership positions, and women in the tech industry often face discrimination, harassment, and a lack of support for career advancement.

These challenges not only have negative consequences for women in the industry but also for the sector's overall success, especially in the context of economic uncertainties.

Empowering women empowers organizations

According to the study, doubling the number of women in tech roles to around 45 percent, or adding an estimated 3.9 million more women by 2027 would bridge the current industry talent gap, resulting in a potential GDP increase of €260 billion to €600 billion, keeping Europe competitive in the tech and innovation space. Addressing gender inequality in the tech industry is essential to building a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

As we approach International Women's Day, it is crucial to acknowledge the ongoing efforts toward closing the gender digital divide.

World Pulse is an organization working towards digital inclusion for more than 15 years primarily through linking with tech industry leaders. It has made an impact on women's digital inclusion worldwide, with individuals like Esther Ndihano Atosha, who has led over 171 digital pieces of training in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sandra Munoz, who is teaching digital security education for girls in Mexico, and Carolyn Seaman, who has founded the Girls Voice Initiative in Nigeria focused on expanding the education girls receive to bridge the gender gap.

Equinix Foundation supports World Pulse's Her Digital Leadership Alliance, an effort to connect women in 50 countries building their digital skills. Equinix. employees are volunteering as 'listeners’, to support women in the World Pulse network. This provides them with a valuable opportunity to learn from women worldwide, contribute to the community's development, and encourage women by supporting them on their path to success.

Through this partnership, we are enabling women in under-connected and underrepresented communities to gain digital skills and access, by empowering them to thrive personally and professionally while making positive impacts on their communities. It's a significant step towards closing the gender digital divide and promoting digital inclusion for all.

Equinix has other initiatives including the Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) and the 'I Am Remarkable' program, which supports women who lack technical backgrounds to enter the industry after a career break.

Create the right conditions

Having a diverse team with different gender perspectives and cultural backgrounds is crucial for adapting technologies to suit everyone's needs. We believe that women bring valuable skills to the workplace, including empathy, communication, and time management, but these skills are often not called out in job descriptions. We are also continuously striving to actively attract and retain more female talent in the tech industry. As a tech company we have seen how important it is to create framework conditions that attract women to the industry and ensure that those already working in the tech industry feel included and valued.

It is crucial to take action and seek innovative ways to create a more inclusive workplace for women. While progress has been slow, a collective effort can make a significant difference in ensuring that the tech industry becomes more gender equal.

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