The Yotta Podcast

This is the Yotta Podcast hosted by Founder, George Rockett, interviewing experts from across the digital infrastructure landscape on what the future holds for this dynamic industry at a time of explosive growth.

  • Episode 4: Nuclear Powered Data Centers

    Oklo's Caroline Cochran, COO, and founder, and Head of Business Development Brian Gitt dive into Oklo's journey from its inception at Y Combinator to its pioneering role in nuclear energy innovation, its approach to micro-nuclear reactors, safety features, and the strategic partnership with Sam Altman's AltC for public listing.

  • Episode 3: The Future of "Cooler Chips"

    Peter De Bock and Rakesh Radhakrishnan from the U.S. Department of Energy's ARPA-E discuss technological breakthroughs that will fundamentally change the way we use, generate, and store energy. Take a deep dive into their recent investment of $42 million in the Cooler Chips program, which targets a 90% reduction in cooling energy use.

  • Episode 2: Putting a Data Center on the Moon

    Chris Stott, the chairman and CEO of Lonestar Data Holdings, discusses the intricacies of building humanity's first-ever data center on the moon. Dive into the intersection of space technology, information management, and new solutions for data security and storage.

  • Episode 1: Digital Infrastructure's Great Revolution

    Mark P. Mills, author of "The Cloud Revolution", shares his insights on the cloud revolution and its relation to power and digital infrastructure demands. Explore the intersection of technology and energy production to learn how advancements will revolutionize our approach to energy consumption.