Established critical infrastructure provider Apislogik has been designing and delivering cutting-edge power distribution solutions to data centers worldwide for over a decade.

With an extensive portfolio that meets the reliability, density, and next-generation demands of the industry, Apislogik recently took the spotlight at November’s high-profile DCD Connect Virginia conference.

– Apislogik

On display at Apislogik’s state-of-the-art booth were a trailblazing lineup of products, including:

  • 120A high-power & high-density R-way series rack busway
  • Next generation RPDU with intelligent platform: A45
  • Intelligent track busway
  • Immersion cooling edge computing station: Ice-cool series immersion cooling solution.

At the forefront of the company showcase was the A45 Rack PDU, which boasted a range of advanced features to cater to the demanding needs of data centers worldwide.

This innovative product includes hot-swappable network management cards and banks, bi-stable latch relays for precise control of high-powered servers, dual Gigabit Ethernet for individual IP addresses per PDU, rapid data uploading through daisy chaining, and high-accuracy metering with a precision of ±0.5 percent, specifically optimized to meet the most stringent requirements of data centers on a global scale.

– Apislogik

Furthermore, Apislogik presented the game-changing "R-way" rack busway, delivering an impressive 120A of power within a compact form factor of just 2.2 inches in width and 2.1 inches in height.

The unique outlet design of this innovative solution allowed for up to 20 outlets, eliminating the need for customers to make outlet choices. Dual-locking power cords also enable more reliable connections for critical power.

In addition to these offerings, Apislogik introduced the world's first PFAS-free fluorinated liquid coolants. These customizable coolants offered a range of boiling points from 47°C to 130°C, providing non-toxic and efficient cooling solutions for high-power servers that require immersion cooling.

"We engineer solutions ready for the coming wave of hyperconverged infrastructure reliance modern data centers are adopting,” said Apislogik VP Mr. Yao. “By packing more compute power per square foot, cutting-edge designs demand unprecedented power density levels. We are purposely positioning our portfolio to deliver.”

Mr Yao, Apislogik – Apislogik

Throughout the DCD>Connect Virginia event, attendees flocked to Apislogik’s booth. Numerous on-the-spot use case consultations took place as customers explored how integrating Apislogik’s offerings could propel their next refresh cycle with more resilient and scalable power foundations.

"The constant booth traffic at the Virginia conference affirmed that we are on target with true next-generation infrastructure that data centers need as higher densities become the norm," explained Mr. Yao.

"We received numerous inquiries from operators looking to increase their power capacity without completely overhauling their facilities. Our rack-level solutions were highly praised as attendees recognized their flexibility in bridging legacy and modern environments."

With data center racks evolving to leverage higher densities and advanced cooling methods, Apislogik continues leading the charge in power infrastructure. Thanks to the shining showcase at DCD Connect Virginia 2023, even more data center builders and operators are now exploring how Apislogik’s portfolio can optimize their power delivery for future challenges.