nVent, a leading global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, has today announced the launch of its RDHX PRO rear door cooling unit, a revolutionary new high-performance solution offering the capability to upgrade data centers with up to 78kW high-density racks, meeting the requirements for the growing use of AI-enhanced applications, demands for higher energy efficiency and sustainability, and the need for greater data center space utilization.

Rear door cooling solutions are increasingly popular as a pay-as-you-go method for retrofitting increased data center cooling performance, in many cases without the need for additional re-engineering of the existing facility mechanical design. When installed as a primary method of heat removal, rear door coolers eliminate much of the need for mechanical equipment including fans, blowers, and CRAHs, to provide a more optimized cooling solution aligned with the exact requirements for individual racks, at the same time reducing noise and energy waste.

“The RDHX PRO RDC is an innovative rear door cooling solution which responds to trends currently converging to make life more complex for those managing data centers,” said Marc Caiola, nVent Vice President of Data Cooling and Networking. “Our new RDC combines the ability to upgrade cooling capacity without significant capital investment and re-equipping of existing data center space; the opportunity to reduce the amount of power used for cooling IT as well the expense and associated emissions; and the advantage of an easily maintainable cooling solution designed and built for high availability.”

– nVent

RDHX PRO from nVent, bringing flexibility to rack cooling

One of the most impressive features of RDHX PRO RDC is the ability to operate comfortably with 57degF (14degC) warm water cooling, making it environmentally friendly. By utilizing free cooling, the device significantly reduces the amount of energy required to cool the data center, not only reducing overall data center power consumption but also the carbon footprint of operations.

The future-proofed solution can also be combined with direct-to-chip (D-2-C) liquid cooling deployments, for customers who are moving towards a hybrid approach to cooling, and especially those looking to maximize heat reuse opportunities, combined with NVent’s liquid cooling CDU 800.

RDHX PRO RDC is lab tested with full results available upon request.

RDHX PRO rear door cooling for maximum compatibility and availability

The new rear door cooling units from nVent are offered in a range of standard sizes for use with 42U, 47U, 48U, and 52U data center racks, in both 600mm and 800mm widths. The coolers themselves are 240mm for the Passive variant & 281mm for the Active, with a dry weight of 200 kg. One of the features of rear door coolers is that they are compact and do not require any additional floor space or ceiling headroom, they can free up white space as CRAH units and other room cooling equipment may be eliminated from the data center.

Each unit has a maximum power draw of 1500w and features 12x axial brushless DC fans – more than any competitive unit. However, the large number of fans means they individually do less work than a smaller number of large fans, reducing stress on the electromechanical devices and increasing their lifecycle.

In the event failures do occur, nVent has developed an innovative, tool-less and hot-swappable method for fan replacement as well as other critical components such as PSUs. This feature allows uptime to be maximized at the same time as reducing service callouts and associated costs.

For ease of integration with data center management applications as well as BMS software, the new rear door cooling units also feature a newly designed controller that is compatible with the most popular network and control protocols including Web Interface, Ethernet, SNMP, Modbus TCP, RTU, and Redfish.

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nVent can provide physical infrastructure solution center equipment manufacturer able to deliver a complete including IT racks, Rear Door Heat Exchanger, In-Row cooling, low profile iPDUs, aisle containment, leak detection, heat tracing, ladder racks, cable trays, liquid cooling manifold and Coolant Distribution Units together with full cable management and fixing and fastening solutions. More recently nVent has acquired Texa Industries, adding chillers to our portfolio.

– nVent

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