Sunbird Software has updated its Power IQ DCIM to a new version which includes better remote door lock control.

Power IQ Release 8.0 allows local authentication for electronic door locks. This means cabinets in data centers can be kept secure, but visiting staff can access the equipment quickly and reliably because the authentication only has to go from the pin pad to the door lock, not via the network.

raritan smartlock.jpg
– Raritan

Local locking

During the pandemic access to data centers has been limited, and staffing has been kept low, so security of shared spaces has been important. Colocation customers need to be sure that the cabinets are securely locked when they are not there, but also that when staff visit their equipment on-site, they can get access quickly without needing assistance from others.

While data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is widely installed, many of its features have lain dormant. In 2019, of necessity, some remote management features have come into use, and more are in demand. Power IQ's local authentication also covers access to rack PDUs, and should make sure locks are opened and closed more quickly.

The release also improves other features, and includes an operating system upgrade which should mean the product as a whole has enhanced security and needs less user maintenance, while still being easy to deploy. The software doesn't rely on other software licenses such as SQL databases.

The software's electronic door access control supports RFID card readers, and lets managers lock down individual cabinets and areas remotely. It works with third-party door locks and card readers, including those from Raritan, CPI, and Panduit. All actions can be logged and reports produced to PDF or CSV format. A relock timer ensures that doors are not accidentally left unlocked.