T5 Data Centers (T5) is now providing its ‘Forever On’ facility management services to the greater European region.

Having successfully brought its award-winning processes, procedures and training programs to a hyperscale customer in Denmark, T5 will now offer a Forever On environment to additional countries in the market requiring critical facilities management support with secure, continuous uptime for customers and reduced impacts on the environment.

In Denmark, T5 officially kicked off operations and management of a global technology firm’s data center in Q4 of 2022. This expansion represents the first implementation in Europe of T5’s world-class solutions to ensure customers maintain a Forever On environment, while minimizing impact on the climate.

These programs are underscored by T5’s commitment to excellence and its demonstrated track record of continuous uptime for customers. With the successful implementation of facilities management in Denmark, T5 will expand availability of its services to the broader European market.

In addition to the facilities management solutions T5 offers, the company is focusing on its lifecycle services.

The T5 Lifecycle Data Center Services Platform is built on a foundational belief that meaningful and lasting data center services require insights beyond traditional location, space and power. An efficient and financially focused data center strategy requires a partner with the experience and ability to support ongoing business goals, not only building or operating a facility.

The modern data center has been around since the early 1990s, but in some ways the industry is just beginning. There are several market forces at play that are pushing its evolution.

First, there’s the explosion of data volume, which presents significant challenges, as data centers will be under more stress to handle the sheer amount of information being generated.

Second, beyond the massive amounts of data being generated, there is the type of data and the way it is being used.

Devices and services are increasingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), both of which have higher, more complex requirements. The growing demand to keep up with data is about processing as much as it is about storage.

Third, the current business climate determines that data centers prioritize sustainability initiatives.

In the past, reducing environmental impact was a way to improve a data center’s reputation or appeal to an environmentally conscious prospect.

With the rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and environmental regulations compliance, green building and management practices are becoming table stakes for any organization.

Add to that the rapidly changing needs of the average business. All of this is putting new stresses on the role of the data center with new and even bigger challenges on the horizon. The data center lifecycle and services partner are important concepts when thinking about your infrastructure’s role in serving customers.

To examine that role and learn more about T5’s lifecycle services platform, the company has introduced a definitive guide to full lifecycle services management with a downloadable eBook, ‘Forever on: Key considerations for ensuring your data center evolves alongside your business.’

The eBook is a comprehensive guide to support data center operators in understanding the industry’s evolving landscape and how to harness this potential to drive innovation, efficiency and growth which you can download free via the link above.

For more information about T5 Data Centers, visit www.t5datacenters.com.