Power quality problems in the data center can lead to faulty equipment (and vice versa). As the data center industry makes strides towards long-term sustainability, improved power efficiency and extending the useful life of infrastructure become very important. Being able to look at detailed power and power quality data on an ongoing basis enables operators to determine whether equipment is operating nominally and affords a chance to predict equipment failures, facilitating the performance of preventive maintenance.

In this whitepaper, we explore seven common power pain points and how to address them across your data center fleet, including:

  • Access to granular data on power consumption and power quality
  • Knowing when hidden power quality issues are leading to other problems
  • Determining outlet-level conditions when working in the back of the rack
  • Identifying stranded power capacity
  • Support for a wide variety of DCIM tools through Redfish API and SNMP
  • Having the right outlet type in the right place
  • Insecure power cords that work loose due to vibration