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DCD>Investment Forum

Investment Forum is an exclusive event that will analyse current and future investment, as well as, financing trends that enable the digital infrastructure sector. It will take place as part of the DCD>Connect Madrid 2024 event.

You will meet the most influential decision makers in the industry, share key learnings and measure the capital of the market. Bringing together CFOs and finance teams from data center operators looking to raise capital, alongside investors from major financial institutions, REITs, Institutional Investors, Infrastructure funds, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, brokers & advisory teams, that will explore the current and upcoming investment and financing trends underpinning the digital infrastructure sector.

We are at a time when sustainability has become the compass that marks the north of investments, so green financing will be one of the fundamental axes that will mark the discussions of this Investment Forum, in addition to knowing the evolution of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that are taking place and how they are changing the configuration of the current and future map of the data centre market.


Investment Forum Host: Luis Socías, Managing Director, Invest in Madrid

9h00 - 09h30: Kick-Off and Welcome - Invest In Madrid

  • Luis Socías, Managing Director, Invest in Madrid
  • Ignacio Azorín, Digital Strategy Director, Madrid Region Digital Office

9h30 - 10h00: Keynote - The market horizon: Macroeconomic trends, recent moves on the map, and future investments

In a context of increasing volatility, rising interest rates, supply chain delays, among other aspects, investment in digital infrastructures shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it continues to attract the interest of a growing number of investors who are betting on this type of assets.

Given that we will continue to navigate in this scenario marked by uncertainty, this keynote will analyse the movements that are taking place on the industry landscape and how current market conditions could affect future investments.

  • Miles Loo, Vice Chairman, Newmark

10h00 - 10h45: Panel - 'Green' financing of data centers: the lever to win in sustainability

The future of the data center industry is looking green. Sustainability has become a key element of a data center's life, from its conception to end of its life. In this panel, we explore the sustainable future of technology through green financing and how conscious investment can be the crucial lever to achieve sustainability in the data center world, where energy efficiency and eco-friendly practices become key drivers.

In addition to this, we will explore what innovative financial strategies not only generate profitability but also contribute to the well-being of the planet, while experts will thoroughly analyze the growing emphasis on ESG criteria in digital infrastructure financing.

  • Moderator: Luis Socías, Managing Director, Invest in Madrid
  • Luca Marini, CEO, Lio DC
  • Jan-Michael Dierkes, Managing Director Luxembourg and Head of ESG, DTCP
  • Paco González, Partner & CEO, Core Capital
  • Sicco Boomsma, Managing Director TMT - EMEA Technology, ING
  • Carlotta Giacché, Associate Director, Infrastructure Origination - Europe, NORD/LB

10h45 - 11h30: Coffee - break

11h30 - 12h00: Keynote - How companies assess investment risks and opportunities: recent investments in digital infrastructure assets

Access to significant power, proximity to major population centres, appropriate zoning, and the availability of strong fibre connectivity are all salient considerations when trying to service data centre demand.

The explosion in demand for data centres has attracted the attention of investors of all types—growth capital, real estate, and, increasingly, infrastructure investors.

But new technologies, the proliferation of AI, more stringent regulation, sustainability requirements, and grid infrastructure reform makes for an ever-changing landscape to deliver in.

This session will explore how investors are navigating the risks and opportunities in today’s market, set against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.

  • Lizzie Quacquarelli, Surveyor - Data Centres Investment and Development, Knight Frank

12h00 - 12h45: Panel - Investing in the digital revolution: challenges and strategies in uncharted territory

AI has become the undisputed protagonist of recent months and will continue to be so, accompanied by other technologies such as the metaverse, digital currencies, among others. All of them have a major impact on data centers, driving new needs and requirements to upgrade their infrastructures.

This panel will explore the impact of the evolving technology landscape on future investment approaches and strategies. Are these technological developments driving increased investment by investors? What challenges and risks do they face when betting on an industry in constant technological change?

  • Moderator: Ignacio Azorín, Digital Strategy Director, Madrid Region Digital Office
  • Bart de Jong, Managing Director, DTCP
  • Fran González Menéndez, Partner, Analysys Mason
  • Rémi Vallier, Senior Vice President, Macquarie Group
  • Philip Cruise, Director, Data Centers, Europe, Turner & Townsend
  • Lottie Tollman, Partner - Data Centers EMEA, Cushman & Wakefield

12h45 - 13h00: Wrap-Up - Invest In Madrid

  • Luis Socías, Managing Director, Invest in Madrid
  • Ignacio Azorín, Digital Strategy Director, Madrid Region Digital Office