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Microgrids for data centers and the path to a carbon-free future

This session took place on December 1, 2020

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Microgrids for data centers and the path to a carbon-free future

The global economy is experiencing an explosion in the need for cloud services, reliable data access, and “always on” connectivity to support everything from remote work, and video streaming services to the Industrial Internet of Things. Resilient power and uninterrupted operations enable industry growth to address this demand. However, uncontrollable events including severe weather, cyber threats, and wildfire risk increasingly stress a greener, if aging grid with the risk of more and longer duration outages.

Many high-profile tech companies have committed to carbon free operations, yet diesel remains the status quo for backup power. How do we modernize power resiliency for the data center industry? Microgrids offer a resiliency solution that optimizes investments in backup power while supporting grid stability and increased penetration of renewable energy assets.

In this session, we will outline the path to adoption of microgrids and the role they play in a carbon-free future for critical power.

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