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Fireside Chat: Why has the rollout of 5G not been as easy as expected?

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After initial enthusiasm and significant investment, 5G rollout has not been the easiest journey in the US. The slower-than-expected roll-out is due to several factors, including the way the FCC has divided up the new spectrum, the way mobile carriers have adopted that spectrum in their products, and the availability of back-haul networks. Combine these with a global pandemic and concerns from the airline industry and you have a perfect storm.

With mobile edge computing a key technology towards 5G, we ask the experts their views on 5G rollout in the region. Is the future for 5G still bright? When will we get there and what will it eventually look like? What technology and infrastructure are required to support the expansion of mobile edge computing that comes with 5G adoption? And with tentative steps toward the 6th generation of wireless technology already underway, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

This session took place on August 23, 2022

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What is happening with 5G?