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DCD>Awards deep dive: Dealing with unprecedented growth in India

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As India's economy and population continue to expand, this is triggering the rapid growth of various sectors, in particular the data center industry. The demand for data centers has been exacerbated by its policy for data localization and digitalization of services across the region.

This episode will present an exclusive deep dive session into the winner of the Emerging Asia Pacific Data Center Development Award at the DCD>Awards 2022. NTT’s NAV1A Data Center has expanded the company’s hyperscale presence in the region, and will offer the capacity to support over 30 MW of IT load. We will discuss the challenges of building the hyperscale data center and how these were overcome, including how the site was retrofitted. Critically, this episode will provide insight into how the data center is pioneering sustainability through liquid immersion cooling, direct contact liquid cooling & clean energy.

This session took place on April 12, 2023

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DCD>Awards deep dive: Dealing with unprecedented growth in India