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Tech Showcases - Day Two

This session took place on July 9, 2020

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Tech Showcases - Day Two

A series of quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to drive rapid expansion and innovation in the design and build of data centers.

1:00pm - Starline: Proactive maintenance in the data center

Uptime in data centers has never been more critical and the cost of a catastrophic event higher. Starline’s latest innovations, which integrate into Track Busway and Critical Power Monitor products, enable operators to proactively monitor and trend temperature data at the end feed and branch circuit levels by use of temperature sensors, IR window tap offs, and residual current monitoring.

1:20pm - Exertherm: Are you building in obsolescence to mission critical infrastructure?

When building large scale new data centers, it is now essential that the best available technologies are utilised to future proof and avoid built in obsolescence, with all the associated future potential costs involved. This presentation will focus and explore why it is essential that existing specifications are reviewed and revised, regarding how condition monitoring data of electrical equipment will be captured for subsequent analysis, to enable the benefits of IIOT to be realised.

1:40pm - ABB: MegaFlex 480V UPS - Innovation that works around you

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